About Us

Our role is to promote fair and efficient arrangements in the workplace, by resolving collective disputes (in England, Scotland and Wales) either by voluntary agreement or, if necessary, through adjudication.The areas of dispute with which the CAC currently deals are:

i. applications for the statutory recognition and derecognition of trade unions;

ii. applications for the disclosure of information for collective bargaining;

iii. applications and complaints under the Information and Consultation Regulations;

iv. disputes over the establishment and operation of European Works Councils;

v. complaints under the employee involvement provisions of Regulations enacting legislation relating to European companies, cooperative societies and cross-border mergers

The CAC and its predecessors have also provided voluntary arbitration in collective disputes. This role has not been used for some years.

Our objectives are:

1. To achieve outcomes which are practicable, lawful, impartial, and where possible voluntary.

2. To give a courteous and helpful service to all who approach us.

3. To provide an efficient service, and to supply assistance and decisions as rapidly as is consistent with good standards of accuracy and thoroughness.

4. To provide good value for money to the taxpayer, through effective corporate governance and internal controls.

5. To develop a CAC secretariat with the skills knowledge and experience to meet operational objectives, valuing diversity and maintaining future capability.